Sno-Wing™Still the original and best-built plow extension on the market!

Tired of replacing the so-called "PRO"fessional wing extension? After a serious tool and not a toy? Then Sno-Wing is the product that you have been looking for.

These days everyone expects more for their investment and Sno-Wing delivers.

Our standard Sno-Wing ships out at 100 lbs. per set compared to the competition at 69 lbs. We use heavier steel (no bending back in one or two storms), heavier rubber (1-1/2" x 10 versus 1 x 8) that is compression molded (denser, stiffer, longer wearing) and first class hardware. This all translates into a durable, multi-year tool that you can use with confidence.

***NEW*** - Per our customer's requests, the Sno-Wing is now painted red.

Pile up more profits with Sno-Wing

    The Sno-Wing Advantage allows you to:
  • Move more snow with one pass
  • Reduce the number of trips through your lots
  • Work your lots faster and cleaner, giving you the ability to handle more contracts with less equipment & manpower
    Simply put, you can do a better job of plowing
  • Simple mounting installation on any plow
  • Rubber tipped edge for absolute safety on the job or under any conditions
  • Quick attach and detach pin system, on or off in under one minute
  • The original Sno-Wing is covered by a one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee







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